Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Telos Resources LLC

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Maryam Cooley

CEO, Telos Resources LLC

Maryam currently leads as the CEO of Telos, Houston based advisory and consulting firm in the energy sector. The firm has helped transactions with deal sizes ranging in value from hundred million to several billion dollars. Business deals include Eastern Mediterranean Assets (offshore blocks), the UK, Africa, GOM, and North American Shale. Telos has close relationships with various large size global investment bankers.

Maryam brings decades of experience with a successful track record of strong leadership, business development, and strategic global partnership strategies in energy. She served as the corporate director for major specialty gases (Scott Specialty Gases, now owned by Air Liquide), overseeing chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, and biologist service groups in providing unique products and technical services to Fortune 500 companies. She specialized in refining, petrochemical, and utility markets, where she was responsible for negotiating and securing long-term contracts with companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, Valero, and Tesoro.

Early in her career, Maryam worked for Maintenance Engineering Corporation as a chemist in the Ion Exchange Resin testing lab performing tests on resins to determine levels of capacity, moisture, and overall performance relating to removal of heavy metals and biological fouling

In addition, Maryam was the managing director of sales at one of the largest privately held international chemical company (Buckman Laboratories), where she was responsible for growing industrial water treatment products for global companies. She created some of the first "preferred supplier" positions and contracts with companies such as Hoechst Celanese, BASF, Shintech, and Huntsman.

Maryam holds a patent as the original inventor joined with Dr. Tom McNeel (Ph.D. Chemist, MIT) along with others in the prevention of scale and biological fouling in Reverse Osmosis membranes. The patent is owned by Buckman and GE (formerly Argo Scientific, BetzDearborne).

Maryam has received over twenty corporate awards for Top Performance Worldwide. On behalf of Buckman, she was sent to Oxford and the University of Darden's special joint program for "Top Performance".

Under Cooley Enterprises LLC, Maryam is the inventor of multiple patents and patent pending applications with primary focus on accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future. She has a consistent record of driving innovations and securing unique ideas that are impactful and bring about transformational changes needed to the existing methods of vehicle transportation. The creative ideas and concepts focus on lowering-costs while offering eco-friendly operational changes that are scalable, safe, sustainable, and resilient to better serve communities in highly populated cities and urban areas. The list of inventions include the Clean Energy Integrated Transportation System (Cable, Track & Cable, Hydro and Pneumatic Modes), Smart Display Sheet (Vehicles, Wheels), Smart Block and Extending the life of an Electric or Hybrid vehicles.

Innovation Patent topics include the following:

Topic: Clean Energy Integrated Transportation System - Portfolio of Patents

Topic: Smart Display Sheet

Topic: Turbine Power Extending The Life of a Battery in EV and Hybrid Vehicles

Patents-Pending applications include:

Maryam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Sul Ross State University and post graduate in Biochemistry from the University of Houston Clearlake.

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David A. Cooley

GC, Executive Advisor

David Cooley comes with over 20 years of Intellectual Property and tax law experience, nearly 12 of which focused almost exclusively on the development and defense of R&D credits. During this time, David has led diverse teams of attorneys, tax practitioners, and technical specialists in devising and defending high‐value incentives across the United States and five other countries.

David graduated with a Master in Law (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property from Washington University and has distinguished himself in several firms since then. The InnovaTax practice is a specialty service tailored for this expertise in a rapidly growing practice benefitting from its close relationship with the EEPB family of companies. Prior to InnovaTax, he served as Director of Advocacy for a multinational specialty firm and as Principal for one of the largest domestic R&D firms in the country, leading a team of attorneys, CPAs, and technical and tax personnel in defense of high-value incentives throughout the US.

David has been instrumental in developing strategies and mechanics for defending and maximizing credits for hundreds of domestic US companies and has both spoken at IRS think tanks evaluating the nuance of the R&D credit, as well as with lawmakers and senior IRS officials to direct future development of the credit. Amongst these, David was invited to speak at the Large Business and International Division of the Internal Revenue Service to discuss future developments and efficiency issues within IRS practice, in which he was one of the prominent speakers. David is also routinely invited to speak in CPE courses, conferences, and professional associations such as the Tax Executives Institute (TEI), among others.

David has successfully defended a multitude of clients throughout the audit, appeals, post-appeals mitigation, and litigation support phases of R&D practice. In Federal cases, a substantial portion of these was 'Tier 1' audits on 'Listed Transactions,' making them among the most challenging audits to structure. Despite this, his most recent estimates show a 99.5% retention rate of credits filed against credits obtained.

State Practice:
In state practice, David has prepared claims in fifteen states and defended claims in nine states within the United States, supporting and directing litigation in several. He has developed an exceptional success rate both with audit and appeals in state practice and has worked well with local tax and litigation practitioners to generate the highest level of success.

David is licensed to practice law from Texas, Texas Bar 24032097, and is registered to practice federally in front of the IRS. David graduated with a J.D. from South Texas College of Law and has a Masters of Law (LL.M.) from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis.

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Dan Reid

CTO, Telos Resources LLC

Dan serves as chief technology officer for Telos and provides key decision support for global customer projects/enterprise architecture initiatives. He is also CEO of COSM Solutions, focused on delivering innovative business solutions for global clients. Widely published in magazines such as Wall Street & Technology and CRO Magazine, Dan combines functional subject matter expertise with enterprise technical architecture experience to create solutions that focus on risk mitigation, business value, and ROI.

Prior to COSM, Dan was VP of Credit Risk Solutions at ETRM provider Triple Point Technology (acquired by Welsh Carson in 2011.) Previously, he co-founded risk software provider ROME Corporation (acquired by Triple Point in 2008), where Mr. Reid held several roles, including chief technical architect, CMO, and Managing Director of EMEA. Mr. Reid also served as Principal at consulting and strategy firm Luminant Worldwide (IPO'd in 1999). Since selling his first commercial program at the age of 14, he brings over 25 years of experience in the energy, financial, and telecommunications industries.

Mr. Reid holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science from the University of Houston and patent #7571138: "Method, system and program for credit risk management utilizing credit limits".