Partnerships and Investments

Partnerships and Investments

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We specialize in energy and innovations for the purpose of investments.  Our depth of knowledge enables us to provide unique opportunities that are not broadly known. For this reason we can offer exceptional value while providing unique solutions.

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We believe in a world where the impacts of climate change can be significantly improved through innovative solutions. Our mission is to develop and promote cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the global shift toward a low-carbon future. As a Houston-based company, we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet by offering innovations across a variety of industries, both domestically and worldwide.

Executive Advisory

For corporate boards and C-suite executives, we specialize in advisory to help solve challenging energy issues, and any related technology initiatives to accelerate the low-carbon future.


Community Outreach

Telos promotes responsible energy use.  We have always focused on the bipartisan or non-partisan goal of maximizing and safeguarding our resources.  With diverse industry support and expertise, we will ensure the highest use of our shared energy assets.